Click on the i on the top, right of the image the the number and title of the print. Include the number and title at checkout!


[img src=]32001. Architecture of Cells
[img src=]22502. Architecture of Flowers
[img src=]22403. Untitled
[img src=]22804. City of Cells
[img src=]21805. Untitled (sold)
[img src=]20906. Architecture of the Sea
[img src=]19907. Flower Still Life
[img src=]19908. Ghost
[img src=]20209. Ghost Lovers
[img src=]197010. Woman in the Bathtub
[img src=]197011. The Woman in the Moon
[img src=]198012. Ghost in the Stll Life
[img src=]198013. The Winter Mermaid
[img src=]199014. The Traveler (sold)
[img src=]196015. The Boardwalk
[img src=]194016. My Flowers
[img src=]195017. Untitled (sold)
[img src=]194018. Untitled (sold)

Monoprints 30″w x 22″h $250 – all proceeds of the prints will go to launching Tanya’s ART Salons at The Joint on Myrtle! The goal of the monoprints is $250 a print x 12 = $3,000 towards the production of live music, sound system, a mural in the garden, the launch of the garden drawing series, readings of poetry and the telling of stories!

A limited edition of hand painted letterpress prints of The Joint on Myrtle logo are available at

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