2012 Press Release


718 222 1054

126a Front Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

NY 95 – 1995


spring is proud to present Tanya Rynd’s selected paintings and prints from 1995-2011. The 24 large oil paintings will be on view at spring, the gallery and event space, located next door to Superfine at 126a Front Street in DUMBO from March 15 – April 15 2012. Rynd imagines the paintings together with their luscious color will transpire to magically spill onto the streets welcoming the first days Spring.

Rynd’s paintings wield a poetic tour de force, exposing a mythic examination of the self and a larger translation of humanity. Many of the works are self portraits. Here the self, the model, crawls right up and over the proscenium; she slips right into the paint then turns back and looks at the painter and the viewer.

This is intimacy stripped of its dualism. These are extremely intimate self-portraits. They are surprisingly diverse, not the usual line-up of the same model through-out a life, in many head-turned poses, but rather here is an ineffable being that is capable of wardrobe changes, shape shifting, elaborate camouflaged paint-costumes, while the essence of the figure remains mysteriously consistent, identifiably singular.

Mysterious, because one can not put one’s finger on what it is that is consistent about this self… not the color of her hair, nor the eye color, skin color, not the dress or the shape of her body nor the stance, but we do know this: they are all Rynd, through and through. Right now, right here.

Rynd speaks directly to the human psyche, referring to her paintings as “the unspoken stories, love letters to the world and to myself.”
Tanya Rynd is an accomplished oil painter and also a fine art printer focusing primarily on monoprints. She has worked with master printer Marina Ancona of Ten Grand Press for over twenty years. A flat file of those prints and a wide selection of drawings will be available for viewing at spring.

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